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Table 17 Attitude scale

From: The effectiveness of instructional software in reading comprehension skills and reading aloud of Omani fourth basic schools’ students

No Statement Agree Not sure Not agree
1. Software develop my self-learning skill    
2. Software helps me to understand the Arabic language lessons    
3. I feel bored when learning the Arabic language using the software    
4. When learning through software, teacher does nothing    
5. I respect a teacher who teach me Arabic language using the software    
6. I can master reading skills when using the software    
7. Software enables me to learn to read quickly    
8. Teaching using the software makes the lesson fun    
9. Use software increases my motivation/interaction with the lesson    
10. Training on the use of software to learn Arabic causes me stress and fatigue    
11. I feel a lot of enthusiasm when learning to read while using the software    
12. Learning using the software leads to easier access to information and knowledge    
13. Software help me gain speed to acquire difficult information