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Table 3 Personal characteristics and important factors

From: Entrepreneurial intentions and entrepreneurship education to University students in Portugal

Personal characteristics Important factors
I consider that it is very important to be a self-employed worker 5.7563 To know how to satisfy clients’ needs 6.1938
I assume the responsibility of my decisions 5.7000 To know the market 6.1688
I work so many hours I need for working well 5.6688 To have entrepreneurial vision 6.0750
I get on easily with other people 5.4313 To be independent and self-confident 6.0375
To face new projects encourage me 5.3563   
I get used easily to the changes 5.3313 To be able to set up goals/challenges 6.0188
I am a very dedicated person starting a new project 5.3313 To have quality and to be efficient 5.9375
I trust my personal and professional abilities and possibilities 5.2875 To be organized 5.7938
I am worried about a possibility of failing 5.2188 Good financial system 5.7000
I am creative and innovative resolving problems 5.1250 To be able to manage human resources 5.6875
I face obstacles in an optimistic and cheerful way 4.9813 To have a lot of contacts in the area 5.6813
I have enough leadership abilities to become an entrepreneur 4.9750 To have own experience in business 5.3750
I can make decisions in difficult situations 4.9250 To be a relative of an entrepreneur 3.2313
I can work many hours 4.8500   
I have mental abilities to become an entrepreneur 4.8550