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Table 2 Reasons and obstacles for business start-up

From: Entrepreneurial intentions and entrepreneurship education to University students in Portugal

Reasons Obstacles
Possibility to develop my own ideas 5.9438 Lack of start-up capital 6.1938
To create something by my own (to achieve personal patrimony) 5.9063 Difficulty in obtaining financing 5.9750
Searching of new challenges 5.7125 Too high risk 5.7000
To carry out a personal dream 5.5438 Unfavourable economic climate 5.2875
To invest in personal patrimony 5.5063 Tax burden 5.1313
Economic independence 5.4375 Fear to fail 4.9688
To get a fair compensation in relation with my work 5.3688 To control annual income in relation with the profit 4.9000
To earn more money in comparison with the money earned as a employee 5.3250 Good job expectations as an employee 4.8688
Personal independence (freedom of decision and action) 5.2750 Lack of business knowledge and knowledge of potential clients 4.7563
To run a company 5.2250 Lack of guaranteed minimum wage 4.5375
Impossibility o difficulty to find an appropriate job 4.8563 High responsibility 4.3250
To get prestige, status or reputation 4.7063 Lack of innovative ideas 4.0563
Dissatisfaction with a previous job 4.0938 Lack of family and friends’ support 3.4125
Family tradition 3.2625 Have to work a lot of hours 3.3188