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Table 1 Frequencies in the characteristics and the students’ academic profile

From: The contribution of virtual enterprises to competence-based learning: an assessment from the students’ perspective: Case study

Characteristics of the students Percentage
 Women 51.32
 Men 48.68
Economic activity of the virtual enterprise
 Food and beverage 48.28
 ICT 51.72
 University of Parma 71.05
 University of Bologna (Forlì) 28.95
 Business and Economics 100
 Already graduated 7.89
 First degree 92.11
Quality of the university education
 Very little 1.32
 Little 2.63
 Some 28.95
 Much 51.32
 Very much 15.79
Employment potential of their degree
 Poor 2.63
 Fair 17.11
 Good 65.79
 Very good 14.47