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Table 2 Standard Notations

From: Cut-paste string operation for collaborative groupware applications

Notations Description Id of site that generates operation o
o.type Type of operation o, i.e., either insert or delete
o.pos Position of operation o
o.str String insert/delete by o
o1→o2 o1 occurs before o2
o1||o2 o1 and o2 are concurrent
o1Uo2 o1 and o2 are contextually equivalent
o1→o2 o1 and o2 are contextually serialized
[o1,o2] An ordered list of two operations o1 and o2
<o1,o2> Two operations in sequence
|L| Number of objects in list L
L1.L2 Concatenation of two lists L1 and L2
s[i:len] Substring of string s starts from position i of length len
Sq A sequence is a special list
R1 = [o1.start, o1.end] Operation region of operation o1 is R1 which starts from o1.start & ends at o1.end
cut-paste(p1, s, p2) Cut a string s from p1 and paste at p2
exec(oi) Execution of operation oi